Internet pages by Lars Bobeck

My pages in Swedish

Ordvitsar, funderingar och märkligheter.

Min förhoppningsvis intressanta syn på verkligheten.

Märkliga religiösa påståenden.

En hemsidesmall med förklaringar för enkla hemsidor.

Covid 19
En uträkning av det genomsnittliga vaccinskyddet mot Covidvarianten BA.5.

My pages in English

Bible Code Probabilities
Probably the only proper and reasonably complete investigation of the subject. I have left out formulas for research in reduced ranges, such research may hide encodings. The linearly falling curve presented (and simple to deduce) can be crucial for serious Bible Code research, I have not seen it accepted anywhere else. The text contains pretty many less interesting details, that the reader can ignore.

The Reality
My hopefully interesting view on reality.

Cult Leaders
They often attract you with light, but what do you get along with it?

Some tunes
Ten tunes of my own and three very old tunes.